10 Clear Signs You’re Really Mentally Strong

mentally strong

If you think the guy at the coffee shop didn’t react to your futile criticism because he was scared of you, you’re wrong. When you argued with your friend, and he stopped giving you explanations after a while, If you think that means you won and he lost, you’re not right. If you think the girl at the birthday party who ignored your silly joke rather than getting into a fight with you, it’s because she couldn’t strike back, sorry, but you’re still wrong. Unfortunately, many behaviors that are often associated with strength are a sign of weakness, which is why the people who have no control over themselves think they are powerful while mentally strong ones are considered weak.

Being a tough person based on external appearance is different than being a tough person mentally. Mental strength is a skill that takes time and effort to develop, but if you have it, remember that it’s the key to long term success. But, how to find it out whether you’re mentally strong or not? We are listing here ten subtle signs that will reveal you have nerves of steel.

1. You Don’t Waste Time On Meaningless Activities

Complaining about your circumstances, blaming others for your actions, and making excuses may be easy picks for many people, but that’s not the case for you. You refuse to be a part of anything unproductive. Mentally tough people focus on the problem at hand rather than grumbling about how unfair their life is because they understand that solutions fix problems, not complaining. 

2. Your Emotions Are Under Your Control

mentally strong

Even in the testing times, you do not lose your calm and try to handle situations smoothly. You don’t let your emotions distract you from doing what needs to be done, and this is how you save yourself from a lot of trouble in the long run. Instead of yelling, you prefer to communicate. Rather than fighting, you choose to understand. Many people may tell you that you’re weak because you avoid getting into unnecessary arguments or quarrels, but what they don’t know is, controlling your emotions, especially during tough times, is the hardest thing to do that one can’t expect from someone weak.

3. You Fail But Don’t Give Up

People who are not mentally tough consider failure as a sign of weakness. That’s why many of them quit as soon as they go through difficult times, while others don’t even dare to make an attempt due to the fear of failure. 

If you’ve strong mental strength, you’ll understand that failure is a part of learning. It shows that you’re challenging yourself and not living inside your comfort zone. 

Mentally strong people don’t give up when things don’t work out. Instead, they change their plan, come back with a better strategy, and don’t stop until they achieve their goals.

4. You Don’t React, You Respond

mentally strong

Many of us are always in a hasty to give our reaction to others and events around us. We don’t pause for a second and think about the consequences of our reaction and the damage it could do. Relationships collapse, friendships fail, and situations get worse, just because of our immediate reaction to things that happen around us.

However, If you’re mentally strong, you’ll never let your reaction control you and do the damage. You’ll always think first, try to read the situation, and then make a rational decision.

5. You Learn The Lesson And Move On

You believe in, ‘If you can do something about a problem, then don’t worry, If you can’t do anything at all, then don’t worry.” 

Worrying doesn’t prevent bad things from happening, rather it adds up more problems and makes things difficult. You don’t take unnecessary stresses, which could make your life complex. If something is no longer in your control, you accept it, take the lesson, and move on. Instead of troubling yourself for something that couldn’t go right, you put your energy into the things you can still control.

6. You Are Always Open To Constructive Criticism

Someone spends some time to give you rational feedback is like giving you an opportunity to take steps towards betterment, and that’s why you always welcome it with an open mind. You are not afraid to take other’s opinions about you and your work because you know it’s a way to learn and improve. Not only you accept the opinions of your critics gracefully, but you also make sure not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

7. You Don’t Compete With Others


You love to see people happy and succeeding because you understand that life is not a competition. It’s a journey where everyone has separate goals, circumstances, and choices. Strong-minded people never blow out someone else’s candle to make their one shine brighter. They don’t put others down to lift themselves because they know that their life will not get any better If somebody fails, nor will it get worse If somebody else succeeds. The only competition such people set for themselves is to become better than they were yesterday.

8. You Say No Without Any Hesitation

Your class fellow asked you to complete his assignment, but you’re preoccupied with something else, so you’ll politely decline his request. You understand that taking up extra responsibilities you have no time for will only stress you out, that’s why you never hesitate to say no whenever it’s necessary. As a result, you save yourself from a lot of trouble by not saying yes all the time.

9. You Accept Your mistakes

accept your mistakes

Anyone can make mistakes, and it’s completely normal. However, some narcissists don’t take responsibility for their actions because of their arrogance and fragile ego. You know well what you’ve done wrong, and after realizing it, you apologize without worrying about losing face. Blaming others for your actions is a sign of weak people that you never do to save your honor because you believe by apologizing, you’ll be the bigger person.

10. You Don’t Let Others Overstep Your Boundaries

Some people think those who set boundaries with others are less tolerant or weak, but that’s not true. Being strong doesn’t mean you should endure the pain in order to prove your strength. If you’re strong-minded, you’ll never allow anyone to cross the boundaries that you have set. You won’t let people step on you and disturb your peace.

Do you think you’re a mentally strong person?

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