10 Toxic Relationship Quotes That Empower You To Take A Stand For Yourself

toxic relationship

You’re wrong If you think only vulnerable and insecure people become a victim of a toxic relationship. Many strong, independent, and enthusiastic people are still fighting to get out of the white-knuckled grip of their abusive relationship.

When a person is trapped in an unhealthy relationship, they can find it difficult to move on, even though it makes them feel drained, depleted, or devastated. So we have gathered ten most inspiring toxic relationship quotes that will motivate you to take action and start fighting for yourself.

Inspiring Quotes About Toxic Relationship

Some people require too much from others, and you aren’t obligated to give it.

A relationship is a two-way street. If you’re the one compromising, putting up efforts, and continuously investing time, energy, and money in the name of love, you’re in a one-sided relationship. Sometimes people don’t want us in their lives, but they need us. Their love ends where the benefit stops.

If you get into a toxic relationship, it may not be your fault. But, If you stay there, it’s your mistake.

toxic relationship quotes

It’s not your job to fix anyone. You’re a human, not a rehabilitation center.

If someone has anger issues or is toxic to you in any way, you don’t have to act like you’re a therapist or a counselor. Convince the person to get help. If you see it’s not happening, you know what you need to do next.

If he makes you lose your confidence, self-esteem, or strength, then you need to lose him in order to save yourself.

Being in a toxic relationship takes away all the happiness from a person’s life. It can turn a healthy and blissful person into a weak and hopeless being. Take action until you have time. Don’t let that toxic person win.

Breaking your own heart by calling off your abusive relationship is better than having that person breaking your heart every day.

toxic relationship

Be strong and move on. It’s time for you to be happy again.

I understand it’s hard to leave a relationship, especially when you love that person. But, it’s better to cry once and move on rather than being with that person and crying daily. Sometimes, you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again. You deserve all the happiness.

Don’t linger when you need to run.


When it hurts to move on, remember the pain you felt hanging on.

Just when you start developing a soft corner for the abuser, remind yourself of the times when you needed him the most, and he was not there.

If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.


Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.

Ask yourself three questions;

1) Do you deserve this?

2) Are you happy?

3) Do you want to stay in a toxic relationship?

If your answer is No, then make a move and stand up for yourself.

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