8 Brutal Truths About Toxic Friends We Need To Know

Toxic Friends!

I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly puts me down.

toxic friends

Friends are supposed to solace us with their presence, relieve our stress, and offer support in bad or good times, but If you’re observing the opposite of what’s mentioned, it means you’re surrounded by toxic friends.

Being friends with a toxic person is bad for you both mentally and emotionally. It’s better to be with fewer friends or no friends rather than toxic ones because their pessimistic attitude can drain you of energy, kill your spirit, and make you feel inferior.

Truths About Toxic Friends

Some of us trust our friends so much that we ignore all the red flags thinking, we might be just exaggerating. So, for all those who are still struggling to find whether their friends are genuine or not, here are 8 of the most brutal truths about toxic friends

1. They Never Appreciate You

As adults, we need people who add value to our lives, lend a helping hand, and encourage us to do better. But, If you’ve toxic friends, you won’t get to see this happening. 

When was the last time that you achieved something and received a little appreciation from your friends? We hardly get to hear anything good because they don’t care about us in the first place.

Even If they say some good words to you unwillingly, their face will tell you a different story. You will find an awkward smile as If they are not actually happy for you. This trick always works because most of the people have no control over their facial expressions.

A good friend always roots for you. He motivates you to achieve more and never gets jealous of you. 

2. They Constantly Put You Down

toxic friends

Whenever you’re out somewhere with them, they never miss any chance to put you down among other people. Upon asking, you get a reply,’ Oh, I didn’t mean it, or it was just a joke, did you mind?’ They can’t openly tell you that they don’t like you, so by making offensive jokes, they make you feel uncomfortable around others.

Moreover, when they see you’re getting credit for something, they instantly drag themselves into it, no matter If that makes sense or not.

3. They Always Compete With You

Whatever you do, they want the same things or results as you. Whether it’s a test, a job promotion, or you participating in some other activity, they always try to compete with you. Even If you two are in completely different disciplines, they’ll still keep an eye on your activities so that they may find a way to get themselves involved and won’t let you excel at something alone. Such friends can turn everything into a competition, even if you don’t compete with them.

4. They Play The Victim After Creating The Problem


Toxic friends never apologize for their mistakes, rather they try to frame you as the instigator of all the problems. If you confront them for their wrongdoings, they’ll create a fake story to gain sympathy and make you look toxic in front of your colleagues/friends. Genuine friends never blame you for anything they are responsible for instead, they take accountability for their actions.

5. They Disclose Your Secrets

They are untrustworthy and often tell your secrets to their friends. When you ask them about it, they give you lame excuses. Even if you make it clear that you don’t want it to be shared with anyone else, you get to hear it from your mutual friends. That’s why it’s better not to share everything with a person. If you think your life will be in danger/problem If your secret gets revealed, I suggest you not to trust anyone with it because time changes everything and a person who you’re calling your friend today may turn into your enemy tomorrow. 

6. They Don’t Like To Help

toxic friends

They are selfish and only ready to help when it’s convenient for them. If they need you, they’ll not hesitate to send you hundreds of messages, but when it’s going to be your turn to ask for some favor, you won’t be even getting a reply from them. You’ll feel like you’re the only one putting effort into the friendship.

7. They’re Always Judgmental

It’s of no importance what you do, they always find a way to pass rude and critical judgment based on their own opinion. Moreover, they make you believe that they are just trying to be honest with you. But, making someone feel bad about himself is toxicity, not honesty. Our true friends lift us when we feel down, motivate us to improve, and always stand by our side.

8. They Isolate You From Your Friends

When they see you socializing with your other friends, they feel jealous and try to isolate you from them by creating misunderstandings and confusion between you and your friends. Not only this, but they tend to criticize your friends for no actual reason because they want you to be just their friend and drop everything for them.

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