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Most of the advice available out there for men is how to intrigue the opposite gender, how to start a conversation with women, or how to impress them. However, an important lesson they’re missing on is how to be good men. A man of value, who, when speaks or does something, adds value to his life or the people around him.

So, if you want to turn into men who manifest the qualities of good men, this is what you’re supposed to do;


  1. Be Respectful

good men

There was a time when men were more cultured and well-mannered, especially towards women. But, now we hardly get to observe it anywhere. The first thing any woman sees in a man is how polite and respectful he is. No matter how close you’re to her, there’s a line you should never cross. Tell her good jokes but within your boundaries. When you interact, your body language and actions should display your etiquette and manners. So, be considerate of your words, and people will always cherish you.


  1. Stick To What You Say

Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill. A great man always commits to his words, no matter how hard it gets. That’s why it’s said, don’t make promises when you’re happy.

What happens is, when we feel good, we tend to make others happy by taking up responsibilities or making promises out of excitement or emotions, and when we can’t manage to fulfill them later, things start to go wrong.

Nobody trusts a man whose actions differ from his words. If you say something, you must get it done.


  1. Be Clear About Your Goals

good men

Any man who’s clear about his future plans seems to be more attractive to women than the one who goes with the flow with no will to achieve anything in life. Moreover, mature and thoughtful women don’t like to plan their future with a man who feels sluggish almost all the time.

Don’t fear to dream big. With time and progress, you’ll see things working out your way, and your dream will look more and more reasonable.

Prepare a list of goals you want to accomplish, make plans on how you are going to work, and then keep putting your efforts until you succeed.


  1. Pay Attention When Someone Talks To You

So many women complain that their life partners don’t pay attention to them. When someone tells you something, feel special that they chose you. However, not paying attention can make you lose them because no one wants to open up to someone who doesn’t even listen to them.

Moreover, people will stop listening to you as well, and you won’t be able to make new friends or expand your social network. On the contrary, If you attentively listen to the other person, he/she will perceive that you’re interested, and it’ll help you to have meaningful conversations with people. And so, they’ll be more likely to help you when you need them because by just listening to them, you’re helping them in a way, so of course, they’ll never miss the chance to return the favor.


  1. Stay Loyal In Your Relationship

good men

Loyalty is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to great men. However, pinpointing a faithful partner is getting tough day by day. If you can’t stay loyal to your lady, then don’t start a relationship with her. It’s that simple.

Infidelity and cheating may give you temporary pleasure but will take everything from you. Good men never cheat, no matter what.


Do you think you have these qualities? Let us know in the comment section below.

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