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signs you are an introvert

Telltale signs you are an introvert!

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, invented the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ in the 1920s. According to the theories he presented, an introvert is someone who embraces living in the inner world of his thoughts and feelings, in contrast to an extrovert, whose interest is directed more towards people and the outer world.

Many of us still hold on to some of the misconceptions about people with introversion personality type. Like, all introverts are shy, they are socially anxious people, and afraid to interact with others. It reveals that we are confused between being shy and being introverted. Both may look similar to many, but they aren’t.

An introvert enjoys his ‘me-time’ and feels emotionally drained after spending more time socializing with others. On the other hand, a shy person doesn’t necessarily want to be alone but is more anxious about social interaction. They may have a strong need to get involved in the world of people and things, but they are afraid of going out.

Moreover, not all introverts are socially reserved, and not all extroverts always seek out special attention. It means extroverts can have elements of introversion in their personalities whereas, people who you think of as shy wallflowers might actually be extroverted.

So, what counts as being an introvert? Below are seven signs you are an introvert.

1. You Enjoy Being Alone

While many people dislike being alone at home because it makes them feel stir crazy, the idea of being by yourself seems refreshing and thrilling to you. One of the reasons why you enjoy solitude is because you are comfortable with yourself and don’t even feel the need to be with someone else. As an introvert, you often enjoy reading books, watching movies, playing video games, gardening, crafting, writing, cooking, doing laundry, or any other solo activity. I hope all those with introversion personalities would agree If I say, you don’t just like spending time alone, you require it in order to recharge.

2. You Have A Small Circle Of Friends

 signs you are an introvert

Many people think introverts lack social skills, which is why they often have only one or two friends, but that’s nothing more than just a misconception. Introverted people prefer to have fewer close friends because they feel emotionally drained after spending time with others. Moreover, they need a lot of personal space and have a limited amount of space in their hearts for friendships/relationships. They choose their friends wisely. They don’t waste their time and energy on ephemeral ones.

3. You Notice Small Details That Others Don’t

Introverts have active minds. Not only do they observe tiny details about events happening around them with hawk eyes, but remember the things that happened in the past better than others. They quickly sense the change in a friend’s energy, mood, or behavior because of their sharp observation skills. For example, a slight change in your friend’s tone is enough for you as an observant introvert to know that she is upset about something without her telling you. So, yeah, it’s not easy to hide stuff from introverts.

4. Too Much Socializing Exhausts You


Does being around lots of people drain your energy? One of the main personality traits of introverts is that they find their energy is sapped when they spend time with people for long periods, especially in large crowds, unlike extroverts who think such social interactions help them to gain energy. 

It’s a fact that we all feel drained after too much socializing, as it expends energy. But introverts are likely to tire faster than extroverts, and after a long tiring event, they need their ‘me-time‘ to regain energy.

5. You Prefer Writing Over Talking

I write better than I speak.‘ If you don’t know, let me tell you that this is a trait shared mostly by people with introversion personality type. Writing down their thoughts on a piece of paper seems less exhausting to innies than holding a conversation for extended lengths of time that drains their batteries.

Furthermore, introverted people tend to think before speaking, and writing gives them enough time to ponder. 

If you notice, you’ll find plenty of people who don’t hold their tongues and get themselves into hot water by talking thoughtlessly. As for introverts, they prefer to choose their words sensibly and not waste time or energy on needless tittle-tattle. 

6. You Go To Parties But Not To Make New Friends

You go to parties but not to meet new people

Not all introverts but most of them are not a fan of loud parties, but that doesn’t mean they never go there. Introverts enjoy going to social gatherings occasionally, but not because they want to meet people and befriend them. At a party, most people with this personality type spend time with one or two close friends they already have, and yes, innies like it that way.

7. Your Internal Talking Never Stops

Whether you are out somewhere or at home alone, your inner monologue never stops running in the back of your mind. You look at people who seem to be at peace in their heads while you feel like you’re always thinking about something, and sometimes it frustrates you a lot. One of the reasons may be because introverts spend much of their time living in their heads, communicating with themselves, imagining different scenarios, and there’s always a lot going on in their minds.

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